Freshman Unity Brings Another Victory

Three is always better than one, but in football when one team plays as three different teams they tend to lose. The freshman football team had this problem when the three feeder schools; Harris, Driscoll, and Wood competed against each other instead of their opponents. However, when they got tired of losing, they tried to make it work.

“At first we did not want to talk, we had a little who is better kind of thing,” running back Joshua Meno said. “But close to the end, we started getting along.”

In the game against MacArthur the freshman showed their team unity by scoring 20 points and only letting MacArthur score 16 points, ending their season with a victory.

“At the beginning I thought it was going to be a disappointing season,” quarterback Byron Daniels said. “But that changed after we won the last two games.”

As the season comes to an end, players are planning to do wrestling, basketball, or remain in offseason and prepare for next year.

“We encourage freshman after the season to play as many sports as possible in the spring,” Coach Jacob Raley said. “Those who remain in football will begin the offseason process and start preparing for the upcoming football season.”

Players are preparing in different ways, but they all helping prepare each other for varsity.

“I am working hard,” said Daniels. “I never let anything get in my way and I am keeping my head to play for varsity.”

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