Culinary Arts Gives The Gift Of Pie

By Richard Hernandez

Thanksgiving is about a week away, and what better way to indulge in this  favorite holiday than with a pie from the Culinary department.

“It’s been a tradition many years for Madison,” Chef Ronald McCulloch said.”It generates funds for the program.”

The Culinary department are taking orders on their annual pie sale up until Thursday at 4 p.m., with the pies being distributed on Friday. Each pie cost $5. Choices include pumpkin, pecan, or Stagecoach, which is chocolate with pecans and coconut.

“Chef makes ridiculously good food,” Algebra II teacher Joseph Henning said. Henning buys a pie every year.

The pie sale is open to the entire community, who may order through any Culinary Arts student or email to Chef McCulloch. The department has already sold 40 pies.

Hannah Spears contributed to this report.

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