All Smiles About Region Choir

By Christina Dimyan

Last Saturday, on Nov. 13, regional choir competition was held at Judson High School. Over 30 high schools in the local area participated. Madison scored among the top three schools.

“It is a multi-level thing; there are some kids that go to all the way to state,” Choir Director Michael Murphy said.

The first level is region, then if students make it, they can qualify for pre-area then advance to area (all state). Students are required to learn five pieces of music. Based on the three-minute piece they sing in front of a wall of cardboard, five judges sitting behind the cardboard decide their fate. One hundred forty-four students were chosen for mixed choir and 120 for treble.

The top ten in mixed region results included junior Kelsey Hare, junior Kristen Hoelscher, senior Richard Shehulski, senior Jamal Madden, and sophomore Andrew Sanchez.

Students that made Treble included freshmen Lexi Banda, Dixie Ennis, Emily Hansen, Tyler Luna, Katelyn Preston, Andrea Ramos-Gomez, and Jordan Sanchez; sophomores Ashley Hymer, Courtney Johnson, Caitlon Scharf; juniors Samantha Lowery, Marisa Lucero, and Caitlin Spence; and seniors Carolyn Castillo and Laura Mullen.

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