Freshmen Dunk Their Way Past Taft in Season Opener

Photo and Story By Juan Garcia

If the boy’s freshman basketball team needed to prove anything, they did so by dominating Taft this past Tuesday in their season opener.

The freshman A team cruised to a 71-22 win and the freshman B team opened with a victory as well.

“We did good,” freshman Byron Daniels said. “But I think we can do better as the season moves on.”

The conversion between middle school and high school sounds like an easy switch, but the freshmen are finding it a little difficult.

“Middle school was easy,” freshman Joshua Meno said. “As you get to high school it gets more complicated and you have to learn more plays that get confusing.”

This year’s freshman team had the two eighth grade teams that battled it out for the district title last year. They have joined forces with one goal in mind, to win the district title.

“We were the best team in district last year,” freshman Everardo Torres said. “We are trying our best to win district and go undefeated this year.”

With 20 more games left this year, of which 12 are district games, the freshmen have to merge into one team to reach their goals and have a good season.

“I love all my teammates,” said Torres. “I hope we win districts and have a great season.”

The next freshmen game is scheduled Nov. 23 in the Madison gym at 5 p.m.

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