Freshmen Girls Basketball Make Themselves Noticed

By Makala Finley

They are a team that often goes unnoticed, however recognition is all that they deserve. On Tuesday, Nov. 23, the freshmen girl’s basketball team played against Antonian to bring home another win to make their record 3-1. The final score was 40-25. The game was described as a landslide, much like their other games.

“They came off really aggressive, went up 10 points during first quarter, and then stayed ahead the whole game until the fourth quarter when they [Antonian] started pressing us,” head coach Joseph Mcdaniel said. “[The girls] held strong, and Antonian only came within 15 points.”

Another win propels the freshmen girl’s to work hard and coast through the season.

“I’m motivated to play hard and win,” team captain and guard Adriana Renteria said.

Coming home with a win is always something that puts a smile on anyone’s face, especially a team that is often overlooked.

“It feels good to win and come home and tell everyone because sometimes girl’s basketball gets overlooked,” forward Sierra Rios said.

The JV and Varsity teams also played Antonian.  JV’s final score was 51-54 and Varsity brought home a strong win.

Freshmen, JV and Varsity’s next game is Dec. 7 against East Central at home.

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