Students Consider Military Careers

By Lorenzo Cisneros

Military Captains, Staff Sergeant, and recruiters from the Navy, Airforce, and Texas National Guard came together on Nov. 14 to inform students of a career path they may want to take with the armed forces.

“It is very important to have days like this for the students. It opens doors for them that they might have not known were there,” Staff Sergeant Jennifer Payette of Air National Guard said.

Each recruiter had about eight minutes to stand in front of an audience of close to 60 students to tell about their branch and convince the audience that their branch was the best choice to go with if the student wanted to pursue a career serving our country. Afterwards, the students could walk around the Library to the recruit table to talk one-on-one with the recruiters. At such table you could find free gifts such as pens, pencils, stickers, neck lanyards, footballs, soccer balls, and more.

“This past hour, I would say has helped me with making my decision on what I want to do with my life. I have always wanted to be in the Air Force but today I have decided to join the Texas Air National Guard,” sophomore Brandon Meisner said. “I also didn’t mind getting all the free stuff each table was giving out. I am pretty sure I am set for the rest of the semester with pens and pencils!”

Although the recruiters do not agree on which branch is the “best,” they did agree on one thing: that students who wants to make something of their lives need to say in school.

“Stay in school. It is so important. It is the first major stepping stone in your life. They [students] hear it every day that they need to stay in school, but I do not think they truly understand the importance of why they need to stay,” Navy Recruiter Jason Tinch said. “Not only is school important because of the education but this is where you meet some of the best friends you will ever have. You need to value every single friendship you have.”

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