November 2010

Freshman Unity Brings Another Victory

Illustration by Clarisa Martinez | Story by Juan Garcia | Three is always better than one, but in football when one team plays as three different teams they tend to lose. The freshman football team had this problem when the three feeder schools; Harris, Driscoll, and Wood competed against each other instead of their opponents. However, when they got tired of losing, they tried to make it work.

“At first we did not want to talk, we had a little who is better kind of thing,” running back Joshua Meno said. “But close to the end, we started getting along.”

In the game against MacArthur the freshman showed their team unity by scoring 20 points and only letting MacArthur score 16 points, ending their season with a victory.

“At the beginning I thought it was going to be a disappointing season,” quarterback Byron Daniels said. “But that changed after we won the last two games.”

As the season comes to an end, players are planning to do wrestling, basketball, or remain in offseason and prepare for next year.

“We encourage freshman after the season to play as many sports as possible in the spring,” Coach Jacob Raley said. “Those who remain in football will begin the offseason process and start preparing for the upcoming football season.”

Players are preparing in different ways, but they all helping prepare each other for varsity.

“I am working hard,” said Daniels. “I never let anything get in my way and I am keeping my head to play for varsity.”

Mavs End Season With Early Loss In Playoffs

Photo By Brittany Pichler | Story By Richard Hernandez

Fresh off a loss against MacArthur, the Mavs were preparing to face Judson. a team that they faced earlier in the season. The team was looking to making a run deep into the playoffs before the game on Friday night.

“We should do great we don’t have a very hard bracket and we [could] go [to] state,” senior Andre Wiggins said.

With high hopes going into the game the Mavs were hoping to repeat the outcome of their first game against Judson, but Judson wasn’t going to let that happen. The Rockets came out, and proved that they weren’t to be taken lightly in playoffs.

Judson had a commanding lead most of the game, with the score of 17-3 going into the half. The Mavs weren’t going out without a fight though, and had a late charge. Late in the third quarter the Mavs scored making it 24-17, and at kick off the team recovered the ball. Even with the fumble from Judson the team was unable to capitalize on the mistake, and the game ended with a 24-17 season ending loss for the team.

“I felt kind of cheated,” senior Tyler Garcia said. “I feel that we could have won that game, but it just didn’t turn out that way.”

The loss was taken hard by all players, but none more than seniors whose high school football careers were over.

“Well everyone took it hard, but it was hard for me being a senior, this will be probably be the last I play,” Garcia added. “It’s just real sad because four years of hard work, all were lost right there.”

Mavs Start Their March Into Playoffs

Photo By Sekayi Lyles | Story By Richard Hernandez |

Every game of the season has helped decide the Mavs’ position in playoffs, and now they stand at game one of the playoffs preparing to play Judson.

The Mavs faced off against the Rockets early in the season and walked away with a 45-28 win.

“It lets us know that they can be beat,” senior center Jake Jauert said, “and we know [Judson] won’t just let us have it, we still have to work for it.”

The Judson Rockets (6-4) have made their way into the playoffs and are a win away from taking the Mavs out of the playoffs. With each game being win or go home, anything is possible. Even though a loss will take them out of the playoffs the Mavs are hoping to keep their playoff hopes alive.

“We are very hyped,” senior linebacker Andre Wiggins said. “Seniors aren’t planning to go home yet; we are playing for a championship.”

With the game being the first in district this game will add some experience to the victor of the game, and could give them a taste of the competition they can expect to have. With the Mavs going into the game the experience of past year’s playoffs give them the edge, and may help them march into state.

“The way our bracket is set up we are as good or better than most [teams],” Jauert said. “We can at least make it to semis if we try.”

Veterans Honored at Solemn Ceremony

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Victoria Guerrero |

Though 64 degrees outside, foggy and rainy, there’s a sea of ROTC and civilians alike all standing in the foyer. Four ROTC students raise the flags that so many honorable men and women served under during the past years. There’s a hush in the foyer. Everyone seems to be spellbound as the flag is raised solemnly.

On Thursday morning the school honored our military for their service on and off the battlefield. Many people don’t know that Veterans Day, unlike Memorial Day, is set aside to honor all American veterans, living and deceased. This Veterans Day provided an unusual train of events after the weather kept the ceremony from being held outside like originally planned.

Tinker Selected to Create Mural

Photo and Story By Samantha Sanburn |

Clif Tinker, Department Chair of the Art Department, was recently selected to paint a mural to be exhibited downtown in February. The mural will have 3 pieces, with pictures of the colleges in San Antonio and of the major landmarks to “give it a sense of place,” Tinker said.

The mural is to be painted for the San Antonio Education Partnership’s new headquarters, CaféCollege. CaféCollege is a resource for all high school students in San Antonio to search for college entrance, scholarship and federal financial aid information.

On February 12th, the curtain will come off and the canvases will be unveiled.

“I paint because I am an artist. I feel called to express myself like that,” Tinker said.

Review: AP Fall Ball Tour Comes to The White Rabbit

Story and Photo By Christina Dimyan

On Friday night the AP Fall Ball tour came to The White Rabbit. This year’s bands included Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, Emarosa, Polar Bear Club, and This Is Hell. The Fall Ball comes around once a year, featuring different bands each year.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to experience this show. People in line friday afternoon were anxiously awaiting to buy their ticket outside the White Rabbit only to find out that they were sold out.

“I was pretty mad because they told us they had tickets, but when we got there, they said they had sold out a long time ago. It was a show I really wanted to go to,” said sophomore Sandra Loza.

This Is Hell was the first band of the night. They were then followed by Polar Bear Club and Emarosa. August Burns Red then came on and got the crowds crazy with their hardcore breakdowns. Bring Me The Horizon, which were the tour’s headliners, finished off the night with a wild show, which included a wall of death, a big circle pit, and mosh pits everywhere. All the bands kept the crowd pumped and moving all through the night.

“It was better than I expected. I had the best time and I can’t wait till next year,” said sophomore Cyriss Wilkins.

Robotics Completes First Competition

By Kristian Bush

The robotics team competed Oct. 22 and 23 at St. Mary’s University and placed 14 out of 40 teams.

“Since we did not place [high] this last time it gives me hope that we will do well in [future] competition[s],” says senior driver Garrett Tyree.

It takes a lot of time and people to make a robot, aproximantly six weeks for the last robot they built. The team consists of a total of 20 people but five went to competition. They include: Tyree, junior builder Wesley Wingo, sophomore programmer Carlos Martinez, sophomore programmer Gabriel Chacon and sophomore builder Jerry Marek.

MacArthur Takes Down Varsity Team

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Richard Hernandez

The hype for the M&M bowl was at record levels this year, as the teams were playing for the district championship. With MacArthur winning last year, students, teachers, and administration, were all hoping to bring bragging rights home along with the win. Unfortunately the team walked away with a 49-24 loss.

Mac went out and scored 28 unanswered points right away, until the third quarter when the Mavs scored their first points, on a 6-yard Aaron Green touchdown to make it 28-7. The Mavs made a run in the second half by cutting down Mac’s lead to 11 points, with a score of 35-24 at one time, but left empty handed with their second loss in district.

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