November 2010

German Students Attend Wurstfest

Photo By Juan Garcia | Story By Richard Hernandez

Wurstfest is a celebration of German culture, and this year many students enrolled in German were invited to take part in the festivities on Nov. 3. Wurstfest is the Texas style celebration of Oktoberfest, a German Festival, where you eat German food, listen to live German music, dance German folk dances, and ride carnival rides.

“They experienced a German celebration that has been around for almost 200 years already,” German teacher Arleen Torres said. “It was also a great opportunity for our German students to get to know each other.”

M&M Bowl: Annual Tradition

Photo By Madison Stewart | Story By Richard Hernandez

The M&M bowl is one of the most-heated rivalries in the NEISD, and rightfully so.

Between last year’s game against MacArthur being a nail-biting loss 34-30 for the Mavs, and this year’s chance to play for first in district, the game couldn’t be more hyped. The game is meaningful for both teams this year as MacArthur is hoping to gain their first district title since 2000.

Cross Country Heads To Regionals

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Makala Finley |

Sweat pouring down runner’s faces, hearts pounding, tense legs and the finish line in sight. The cross country team has accomplished something great again, for the second year in a row the girl’s cross contry team will be heading to regionals tomorrow; the final stretch to the state championship. Head Coach Kayla Cross has been coaching at Madison for 13 years, and the team has headed to regionals three times. The girl’s team consists of seven girls: one sophomore, four juniors and two seniors. The team has the same expectation for next year’s season; making it to regionals once again.

“We’re hoping to start a tradition of [going to] regionals,” Cross said.

The team has had a strong season. At the Southwest meet they were 3rd, the Northeast meet they were 2nd, they were 4th at the Seguin meet, 2nd in the NISD meet and they ended up 3rd in districts. Also, this year was the first time in 13 years that the girls won the SAISD meet. The team has high expectations for the regional meet, they’d like to beat all of the teams in district and end up in the top three to head to state. This has been the team’s goal all year.

“I’m excited[about regionals] I don’t want to jinx it, but I know that our cross country girls are capable of kicking some serious tush,” senior runner Octavia Pinckney said. ” We have our eyes on state.”

No matter what the girl’s cross country team follows the motto, “No excuses, no regrets,” and they are keeping an open mind as they head to regionals.

The regional meet is this Saturday, Nov 6, at the Brook City base. The girls are scheduled to run at 11:20.

Ag Department Goes to Nationals

By Samantha Sanburn |

The Madison Ag Department went to the National FFA Convention Oct. 20-23 in Indianapolis. Only one school is chosen to represent each state. Eight students competed against students from 25 other states for national recognition. Nationals is a huge event and one school is chosen to represent a state.

“It wasn’t anything like I thought, having a sea of blue jackets from different states,” senior Ariel Jones said.

Geraldine Franco, Brittany Jacobson Emily Myers and Andrea Shepard represented floral, while Jones, Mary Lavender, Tasha Womack and Patty Ward participated in the science fair, and did extremely well, placing top in the nation. Lavender and Jones placed first, while Womack and Ward placed third.

“I’m always proud when they win and even when they lose too,” FFA sponsor Josh Anderson said.

Freshman Football Overcomes Tragedy

Photo and Story by Juan Garcia | Staggering and dizzy, starting quarterback Tyler Mangold got back up from a sack and tried to finish the game. With only one quarter left, he finished the game as a leader, but later a doctor diagnosed him with a concussion that would end his football season early. The freshman A team was lost and did not know who to turn to. However, from beneath the smoke arose Byron Daniels, a quarterback with the experience that would lead the team to their first district win.

“With the loss of Tyler Mangold to a concussion in the Reagan game we thought that Byron could continue running our offense effectively,” freshman offensive coach Jacob Raley said. “Byron is athletic and has a good arm; he can play a multiple of positions on the field for us. He was quarterback in middle school so it was an easy switch.”

Daniels started against the Lee Volunteers and came out strong throwing one touchdown pass, and rushing for another. The defense did not get out-shined by the offense though because they also had key players that contributed to their first district win. Felipe Garcia had an interception, which led to a touchdown. Curtis Reese, Darius Ainsworth, and Eliezer Ortiz had key defensive plays that led them to victory.

“The cooperation between the offense and defense led us to victory,” defensive end Curtis Reese said. “Our defense was stopping the run and I’m glad we won.”

Before the injury, Daniels played running back and was unaware he was going to be quarterback. Mangold’s replacement was not very clear to the team, but after seeing Daniels practice, his teammates were positive he was a good replacement.

“I was truly sad for [Mangold],” running back Joshua Meno said. “But after seeing Byron throw the first pass, I knew he was the one.”

Daniels looks to take advantage of the opportunity and make the best of the 1-4 freshman district record. Daniels will start against the Brahmas and hopes that the team cooperates to bring their district record to 2-4.

“[As quarterback], I am showing the coaches that I am a good quarterback,” Daniels said. “I listen to my coach and do my job as a quarterback.”

The freshman A team is set to play at MacArthur this Thursday at 5:30.

Spanish Classes Celebrate Día de los Muertos

Photo by Brittany Pichler | Story By Christina Dimyan |

On Tuesday, Mrs. Salas’ Spanish classes celebrated Dia de los Muertos. They got to experience dead bread, sugar skulls, and representations of the dead along with food and candy.

“We do this so that kids are aware of the culture. It makes them more culturally aware,” spanish teacher Emma Salas said .”We do this so they can see the other side of Halloween. This is Mexico’s version of Halloween.”

Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration to pay respect for the dead. Monday is dedicated to the children, and Tuesday is for all the adults. The main purpose of students celebrating today is to inform them of Mexico’s culture, and expand their knowledge on Mexico.

“It was a cultural experience. I had a lot of fun,” sophomore Camille Billigue said.

In the photo: Sophomore Camille Billigue receives a piece of pan de muerto from Spanish teacher Mrs. Salas

Mavs Plunge Ahead In Districts

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Richard Hernandez |

The Mavs ran out to an early lead Saturday against Lee. The team had a commanding 35-0 lead early in the second quarter and put it in cruise soon after.

“At the beginning we played good but we had one shaky drive,” senior A.J Myers said. “Other than that we did better than we did in practice.”

After the first half the team had put on bench players, and still walked away with another win in district under their belts. The game ended with a score of 51-14. The Mavs (7-2), (4-2) in district, will have the chance to play MacArthur in a game that will determine who will walk away with first in district.

“The best part was just coming out with the win and having the chance to play MacArthur for district,” Myers said.

The next game against MacArthur, otherwise known as the M&M bowl, will be held at 7:30 Friday at Heroes stadium.

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