December 2010

Is Christmas Overly Commercialized?

By Brittany Weaver| Cartoon By Taylor Chapman

What does Christmas mean anymore when people focus more on shopping than on family? Are children looking forward more to the presents than the quality time with their own mother and father?

Fine Arts Building Sneak Peek

Following is a montage of photos taken by Juan Garcia at the end of November. He was fortunate to get a first look at the new building’s progress with Principal Chris Thompson. Tell us what you think!

Cummings Explains First Book

By Brittany Weaver

Early Thursday morning, the book club students huddled in the library for a quick question and answer session with unpublished writer and chemistry teacher Robert S. Cummings. Even with difficult questions he answered with grace.

“Was Harry Potter your inspiration?” one student asked.

With a light in his eye and a gentle laugh Cummings responded, “Yes, it was a big motivator. But I’ve never read the actual books, so I don’t have J.K. Rowling’s writing type.”

Being in the spotlight didn’t seem to bother him at all. He seemed content and very flattered.

“It was fun to have people interested in my book,” Cummings said. “Having a teaching background really helps.”

Student Appreciates Authentic Italian Fare

Photo and Story by Catherine Milton | Every table has silverware on it, with a candle burning in the middle. People are talking, but quietly as if not to disturb the peace of the air in the restaurant and the soft piano playing in the background. Everyone is dressed in comfortable yet nice-looking clothes, as if not to ruin the restaurant’s formal look. The building itself is based on Italian work, with stone floors, domed ceiling, and fresco-like artwork. At 16109 Nacogdoches Rd. there is a restaurant called Pompeii Grill. It is a grill in Italian style. With recipes that come from Italy itself: the salads, the sauce, etc. No where else is there such a restaurant.

The Pompeii Grill has been open since 2005. And for five years they have been serving the Italian cuisine like always, with a side of smiles from the servers. They don’t own any other restaurants. Pompeii’s famous dishes are the Chicken Napolitana $14.50, the Chicken Marsala $16.99, and the Shrimp Pompeii $17.99. For starters, the servers bring out a roll of bread with their famous dipping oil that takes the cake on everything else. The cost of some of the other food ranges from $3 salad to $10 pizza. For payment there is cash, American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and Diners Club. Pompeii also has private rooms that anyone can reserve, like for private parties, meetings, birthdays, or family events. For the private rooms, people must make a reservation first at (210) 946-5518.

The Pompeii Grill is formal yet not too formal. It’s a great place to go and relax after a hard day, or for the get away lunch break with friends or family. In the evening the servers light the candles on the tables as the sun sets outside the windows, giving the restaurant the feel of a romantic dinner or the time just to unwind from the day. The Pompeii Grill in definition is the perfect food getaway place where the prices don’t cost you an arm and leg, especially the bread and oil.

Freshmen Basketball Team Disappointed After Win

Photo and Story by Juan Garcia | Even though the boys freshman basketball team came out on top, they were disappointed at the score only being 68-60.

“We could have won by more,” said freshman Anthony Morales. “We need to focus on not turning over the ball.”

The team was primarily upset at the number of turnovers and fouls the team accumulated. Being down by two in the half the freshman team knew exactly what to do.

“We were going to come back,” said freshman Curtis Reese. “But we need to catch the ball and not throw dumb passes.”

This week the team is focusing on fast breaks, endurance, heart, speed, and defense.

“We are working on defense,” freshman Joshua Meno said. “We need to make the right choices and not get tired.”

The freshman play in a two day tournament facing Clemons starting today.

Spanish Club Goes Caroling

By Christina Dimyan

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and to bring joy to other’s hearts.

About 30 students from Spanish club on Dec 8 visited Heartland Nursing Home and brought Christmas to the residents.

” It was a big success,” Maria Zapata, Spanish club sponsor said. “The residence were happy to see us and everyone had fun.”

They sang bilingual Christmas carols with sophomore Rodney Silva joining them on guitar. Two teachers, Mrs. Morris and Mrs. Zapata were in charge of the event.

Spanish club sang Joy to the World, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Silent Night, Feliz Navidad, Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, The First Noel, Hark the Herland Angles Sing, Away in a Manger, We Three Kings, and What Child is This.

“It was fun! I liked it and I can’t wait till next year,” freshmen Andrea Ramirez said.

Girls’ Basketball Teams Excel Against Hornets

Photo By Bianca Loera | Story By Samantha Sanburn |

The girls’ basketball teams played East Central yesterday, bringing home three wins for the Mavs. The Varsity team won yesterday with a nail-biting score of 53-52. The highlight of the game was when the team went from being down by five points with two and a half minutes left to come back and win it all.

“We’re improving every day, learning to play as a team, and gaining confidence with every game,” Varsity coach Tracy Hastings said.

The JV team won in overtime with a score of 56-49. This was the team’s second game that went into overtime and once again, they excelled.

“We’re a young team and we’re still learning,” JV coach Vanessa Villareal said.

Army All American Bowl Chooses Green

Story By Richard Hernandez |

Today it was announced that senior Aaron Green, the star running back for the Mavs, will be joining some of the nation’s top high school players in the annual Army All American Bowl.

“Growing up watching this game, I’ve known since I was young that I’ve wanted to play in it,” Green said during his acceptance speech.

During the announcement, a crowd made up of students, teachers, and some of the army’s finest, were all present to watch as Green put on his Army All American Bowl jersey.

Green is joining former Mavs Devin Thomas and Nate Askew, who played in the game last year.

“I would like to thank all the seniors and the seniors before them for all they’ve done,” Green said.

The game will be played on Jan. 8th at the Alamodome, and can been seen on NBC. Kickoff is at noon.

Basketball Team Hopes to Overcome Injuries

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Richard Hernandez

The varsity basketball team opened up to a 4-5 record in the month of November, but something that has affected the team in the early going were injuries.

“The biggest challenge is a very tough November schedule, with injuries to key players,”Valenzuela said.

With injuries plaguing the team so far this year, each injured player adds a missing spot on the roster.

“Injuries have played a big part in the season,” senior Philip Brown said. “In the Antonian game we lost because we didn’t have a big man, and now Andrew Butler is hurt.”

Even though the injuries have been a big part of the season, the team sees it has growing pains, and hopes to grow out of them in the next month.

“We want to get better every game and improve, we finished 4-5 in November,” Coach Valenzuela said. “So we will see how it works out in December and we want to do better when it comes to January.”

The team’s next game is against Sam Houston and with injuries the team is taking it slow.

“Right now everyone is just icing,” Brown said. “They aren’t big injuries and they will slow us down, but we still have players that can make plays.”

Epic Story Begins Closure

Illustration adapted from Tarale (Flickr Creative Commons) | Story by Brittany Weaver | Theaters around the world were packed last week with thousands of excited fans waiting to see part one of the two-part Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows movie.

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