Epic Story Begins Closure

By Brittany Weaver

Weeks before the two-part Harry Potter movie came out, fans hurried to get tickets for The Deathly Hallows part one. The movie was such a big hit before it was even released into theaters, that it eventually sold out at many venues. On the big night, excitement flooded the serene theater as the recognized beginning song started. Fans couldn’t tear their eyes off the screen. Audiences applauded and cheered with every snap of Harry’s wand. They cried when an unexpected twist happened that only the book readers knew about.

After ten years of playing Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe gave an phenomenal performance. He must have had to pull on every thought he had to create the pain Harry endured. The pain he he felt looked so real, and the joy across his face at times brought happiness to watchers. This captivating performance wins two wands up.

Harry’s friends, Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grunt ), give an excellent must-see performance as well. All together this trio created the must-see movie of the year recommended for all muggles young and old.

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