Basketball Team Hopes to Overcome Injuries

By Richard Hernandez

The varsity basketball team opened up to a 4-5 record in the month of November, but something that has affected the team in the early going were injuries.

“The biggest challenge is a very tough November schedule, with injuries to key players,” Coach John Valenzuela said.

With injuries plaguing the team so far this year, each injured player adds a missing spot on the roster.

“Injuries have played a big part in the season,” senior Philip Brown said. “In the Antonian game we lost because we didn’t have a big man, and now Andrew Butler is hurt.”

Even though the injuries have been a big part of the season, the team sees they have growing pains, and hopes to grow out of them in the next month.

“We want to get better every game and improve, we finished 4-5 in November,” Coach Valenzuela said. “So we will see how it works out in December and we want to do better when it comes to January.”

The team’s next game is against Sam Houston and with injuries the team is taking it slow.

“Right now everyone is just icing,” Brown said. “They aren’t big injuries and they will slow us down, but we still have players that can make plays.”

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