Army All American Bowl Chooses Green

By Richard Hernandez

Today it was announced that senior Aaron Green, the star running back for the Mavs, will be joining some of the nation’s top high school players in the annual Army All American Bowl. 

“Growing up watching this game, I’ve known since I was young that I’ve wanted to play in it,” Green said during his acceptance speech. 

During the announcement, a crowd made up of students, teachers, and some of the army’s finest, were all present to watch as Green put on his Army All American Bowl jersey.

Green is joining former Mavs Devin Thomas and Nate Askew, who played in the game last year. 

“I would like to thank all the seniors and the seniors before them for all they’ve done,” Green said. 

The game will be played on Jan. 8th at the Alamodome, and can been seen on NBC. Kickoff is at noon.

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