Student Appreciates Authentic Italian Fare

By Catherine Milton

    Every table has silverware on it, with a candle burning in the middle. People are talking, but quietly as if not to disturb the peace of the air in the restaurant and the soft piano playing in the background. Everyone is dressed in comfortable yet nice-looking clothes, as if not to ruin the restaurant’s formal look. The building itself is based on Italian work, with stone floors, domed ceiling, and fresco-like artwork.  At 16109 Nacogdoches Rd. there is a restaurant called Pompeii Grill. It is a grill in Italian style. With recipes that come from Italy itself: the salads, the sauce, etc. No where else is there such a restaurant.

The Pompeii Grill has been open since 2005. And for five years they have been serving the Italian cuisine like always, with a side of smiles from the servers. They don’t own any other restaurants. Pompeii’s famous dishes are the Chicken Napolitana $14.50, the Chicken Marsala $16.99, and the Shrimp Pompeii $17.99. For starters, the servers bring out a roll of bread with their famous dipping oil that takes the cake on everything else. The cost of some of the other food ranges from $3 salad to $10 pizza. For payment there is cash, American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and Diners Club. Pompeii also has private rooms that anyone can reserve, like for private parties, meetings, birthdays, or family events. For the private rooms, people must make a reservation first at (210) 946-5518.

The Pompeii Grill is formal yet not too formal. It’s a great place to go and relax after a hard day, or for the get away lunch break with friends or family. In the evening the servers light the candles on the tables as the sun sets outside the windows, giving the restaurant the feel of a romantic dinner or the time just to unwind from the day. The Pompeii Grill in definition is the perfect food getaway place where the prices don’t cost you an arm and leg, especially the bread and oil.

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  1. Conni Milton | December 11, 2010 at 9:50 pm |

    The food is indeed awesome….but the company you bring is even better! Especially if it’s the reviewer.

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