Cummings Explains First Book

By Brittany Weaver

Early Thursday morning, the book club students huddled in the library for a quick question and answer session with unpublished writer and chemistry teacher Robert S. Cummings. Even with difficult questions he answered with grace.

“Was Harry Potter your inspiration?”  one student asked.

With a light in his eye and a gentle laugh Cummings responded,  “Yes, it was a big motivator. But I’ve never read the actual books, so I don’t have J.K. Rowling’s writing type.”

Being in the spotlight didn’t seem to bother him at all. He seemed content and very flattered.

“It was fun to have people interested in my book,” Cummings said. “Having a teaching background really helps.”

Many readers were active in asking some stumping questions like “What happened to Nick?” Nick is the brother that disappeared in the beginning of the fist book.

“I can’t tell you too much,” Cummings answered.  “But the fourth book will explain everything.”

With that said, the audience seemed even more excited than before. As time ran out Cummings added a few last words.

“I’m sure it [the series] will end with an absolute bang,” he said.

A complete feature on Coach Cummings and his writing will be available in the print edition of the Advocate on Dec. 17.

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