Fine Arts Building Sneak Peek

Following is a montage of photos taken by Juan Garcia at the end of November. He was fortunate to get a first look at the new building’s progress with Principal Chris Thompson.

The new Auditorium features comfortable seating for 750 spectators.

To show accomplishments the fine arts department has made, the PAC building boasts a trophy case in the foyer.

The new fine arts building features lighte mirrors and durable surfaces for makeup and dressing. This is the first time actors will have a full dressing room.

Instead of having to trek across campus to build sets, the stage crew can now build sets and backdrops right behind the backstage. In the workshop there is also a loading dock door to bring in supplies from outside.

The new stage is large, it also features an orchestra pit.

Orchestra now has an improved room. They come from a square room, which is insufficient for acoustics to a rectangle room which is ideal for the acoustical music.

Much like a movie theatre or even a professional theatre, the new PAC building has a long entrance into the auditorium.

An inviting foyer welcomes spectators.

The new dance studio has waxed floors, dance bars, all around mirrors and a state of the art sound system.

The dancers now have lockers and showers, something very new to them.

The front entrance to the PAC building.

A complete feature on the new Performing Arts Center is  available in the Dec. 17 print edition of the Advocate.

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  1. wow; great job juan (:
    see you in anatomy tommrow.

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