December 2010

Story Theatre Brings Old Fairy Tales to Life

By Samantha Sanburn |

Fishermen, peasants and thieves, oh my! All of these were present in the fables and fairy tales that were brought to life with a new and modern twist in Story Theatre. Story Theatre is a collection of six fairy tales with morals that have transcended the ages, such as “Don’t be greedy” and “Be honest.”

”Honestly, I like being able to become something, everyone needs an outlet,” junior Shaina Rubenstein said.

The modernization of the fables and their morals brought a new flavor to the Story Theatre. The cast and crew went to the elementary schools in the area such as Stahl, Fox Run and Longs Creek and performed for the young children with a performance at night in the high school cafeteria.

The play was directed by four young ladies; Shaina Rubenstein, Katelyn Czarnecki, Ariel Benavidez, and Stephany Cavazos along with Theatre Directors Cami Murphy and Cynthia McDonald.

”I absolutely love directing. It’s so much fun and a great new experience,” junior Katelyn Czarnecki said.

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