Girl’s Varsity Basketball Stays Determined Despite Loss

By Meagan Newsom

Emerging from the locker room at half time, the sheer determination was gleaming, or rather glaring from the faces of the varsity girl’s basketball team. After wiping down their shoes and taking a few last sips of water, the girls prepared for the second half. Down 19-38, the girls could do nothing but improve from the position they were in.

” I think we played really good second half, unfortunately we were already too far behind,”  varsity girl’s Coach Tracy Hastings explained.

Not for a lack of effort, the varsity girls lost to the Johnson Jaguars on Wednesday 46-64, but they didn’t let this get them down. The girls are  leaving the Johnson game in the past, and setting their focus on the game ahead set for tonight, Jan. 7, at 6:30 p.m. against Roosevelt at Blossom Athletic Center.

“Going into the Roosevelt game makes me want to work harder,” Junior Ashton Gulczewski said.

Ready to rough up the Roughriders, the varsity girls are going into their next game with a clean slate. The girls along with their coaches agree that they are ready to pick up the pieces and move on with their season.

“We’re a little disappointed because of the loss, [but] we’re not gonna give up. We just wanna win,” junior captain Alexis Reynolds said.

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