Sneak Peak at New Agricultural Facilities

Following is a sneak peak of the new AG facility that is planned to open its doors on Feb 2. The pictures below are only a brief synopsis of what the new facility has to offer to AG students and faculty.
Photos By Lorenzo Cisneros

A look at the design of the foyer.
The new floral room includes a sleek design with many sinks and a freezer to hold the flowers.
The new floral room that is more up to date than a portable.
The architect of the building is a new, nice design to compliment the new building.
The main foyer where meeting, banquets, science fairs, etc., can be held.
The waiting area for patients awaiting to enter their furry friends in the Vet Lab.
The Ag department will be opening their VetTech doors to the pets of the community.
A look from the "green roof" where students will be able to raise and breed many different types of plants and sell in the General Store.
The science lab where experiments and such will take place.
In-wall aquariums where students will be able to control different climates and experiment with fish.
The new Ag facility will feature a General Store where students will learn how to market and sell product to the school and community.
The stage located in the Arena.
The new arena where concerts, animal showings, and much more can be held. The arena can hold up to 1,000 people.

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  1. Laura says:

    This facility is top notch. Mr. Mack has done an excellent job on getting the AMP program such wonderful facilities! I am looking forward to attending many events in the facilities as a parent of an AMP student! WAY TO GO MAVS!

  2. Clarissa says:

    I am with Laura, Mr. Mack has done a great job with all the other AMP Faculty to bring this program to the highest level here at Madison. I am looking forward to attending many events here for the years to come in this State of the Art Facility. Keep up all the good work Mavs, and Way To Go!

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