Students Prepare to Work Around Special Exam Schedule

By Christina Dimyan

This upcoming week, students face semester exams. With exams being as much as 20 percent of some students’ overall grades, having a proper testing environment and attendance¬†are crucial. This does mean having a special schedule, which may require students to change their day-to-day schedule to follow the special exam schedule set up for next week.

“We have created a schedule that creates a good testing environment for students,” Kelly Taylor, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction¬†said.

With the lunch schedule changing as well, students will need to adjust to a different lunch lengths. On Tuesday and Wednesday, lunch is an hour and a half. On Thursday and Friday, lunch is 30 minutes due to early release at 1:30.

For seniors with early release or late arrival, the times have changed. Seniors need to be prepared to follow the exam schedule and come at different times than normally. People on Co-Op need to make sure to arrange a schedule with their work so they can be present for all exams.

The exam schedule was released before winter break in order to give those students with Work Release and Co-Op plenty of time to make arrangements with employers. Upon returning from break announcements have been made regarding the exam schedule. Students have been given advance notice as to avoid any problems with their employer.

“We get out at two, and I have to go to work at two, so I’m having to lose an hour of work and come late,” junior Haley Gavegan said.


Exam Schedule Notes:

-All students who work may NOT miss an exam due to work. Please adjust your work schedule with your employer ahead of time.

-All students enrolled in co-op, a work program or who are currently employed during the school day must adjust their work schedule in order to attend all scheduled exams or acquire a PRE-PRINTED pass from their co-op teacher before exam day.

-Early dismissal is a privilege for high school students. Please do not visit any NEISD middle schools or elementary schools, because classes are in session.

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