Teachers Bid Adieu To Madison

By Kristian Bush

When teachers retire, most of the time, it’s at the end of the year. However this year is different. On Jan. 14, a part of Madison will clean their desks and head out the doors. Teachers Karolynne Palamarchuck who teaches Business and English, Susie DeMarco who teaches Psychology and Government, and Jim Miller who is a Special Education English teacher will say their goodbyes to the faculty and students this Friday.

In result of their retiring, there will not be a replacement for the teachers. Instead classes will be spread out amongst the other teachers in their department.

“I’m excited but I know that I will be sad and that there will be tears on my last day, but the teaching has been an enriching experience and has taught me a lot [about] myself and others,” DeMarco said.

Each of the teachers has been here more than 10 years, and has become part of the definition of Madison. All of the teachers play a role in the student body.  It’s like a slice of the teaching staff is being taken away. Though students will miss them, this does provide new opportunities to the retirees.

“This is the first time I’ll have time off,” Miller said.

In addition to these three valued instructors moving on to the next phase of their life, one other very special lady retired to spend more time with her grandchildren. Ann Weddle, who had been a very helpful bookkeeper here for many years said her goodbyes before Christmas break.

Wherever life may lead these valuable people may happiness find its way to their doorstep.

Mr. Jim Miller (Photo by Anysia Gonzales)

Mrs. Susie De Marco (Photo by Natia Mazrashvilli)

Mrs. Karolynne Palamarchuck (Photo By Desarae Hollins)

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