Forensics Festival Foreshadows Future Events

By Samantha Sanburn

The Forensics League held the James Madison Winter Forensics Festival Jan. 7-8. The tournament was a huge fundraiser for the students. It was a tournament held for all other schools in the area to compete in.

“Taking into consideration that none of my students had actually run a tournament before, I’d say it was a smashing success,” sponsor Chris Mifflin said.

The tournament ran on time and there was a surplus of food in concessions and judges were abundant in number. Teachers, alumni and volunteers within the forensics circuit judged at the tournament.

“The payoff was great. We made a lot of money, the team benefited a lot and it was all for a good cause. I would definitely host one in the future,” freshman Lindsey Boyd said.

With this tournament being such a success, there are more tournaments on the horizon in the years to come.

In the photo: Summer Mills, Ashley Choi, and Brian Gonzales help with registration and directions.

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