Dead Rise to Bring Awareness

Student Council makes mock tombstones to bring awareness to drunk driving. Members created fake and entertaining stories to portray the tragic possibilities if one was to drive drunk

Story and Photos By Juan Garcia

Black and white clothing and small red hearts covered the Madison campus signifying students  in mourning for those that have lost their lives due to drunk driving.  Halls were covered with tombstones. Dead Day began with a sad, but meaningful poem read over the intercom about a girl that lost her life because of a drunk driver. Jan. 19 was the annual Dead Day and students are full pledged to help raise awareness about drunk driving.

“Dead day is where we remember teens losing their lives to alcohol-related accidents,” student council vice president Nikki Herrera said. “We also bring awarness to the student body about the consequences of drinking and driving.”

Student council members dressed in either black or white and could not talk for the entire school day. Students wearing white symbolized those that have died from alcohol-related incidents. Students wearing black symbolized those in mourning due to the death of their loved ones. Student council rang a bell every 68 minutes to represent five alcohol related deaths. They also hung up tombstones to reach out to the student body.

“Tombstones are something we do,” Herrera said. “Making tombstones makes people know that [alcohol-related deaths] can happen to one of their friends.”

Raising awareness about drunk driving is a major concern for student council and they want the student body, faculty and staff, and parents to know that alcohol-related accidents can happen to anyone.

“Drunk driving happens,” sophomore Sabrina Seiler said. “We can lose our friends in an instant.”

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  1. That’s so sad!

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