February 2011

Soccer Beats Lee, Looks On To Playoffs

Photo By Courtney Bowles | Story By Richard Hernandez

The boys soccer team has reached the mid point of their season. The mid point brings district games, and one of those district teams is Lee. The team has been unable to beat Lee since coaches Jason Hendrick and Bruce Gillespie started coaching here, but this season was different. The Mavs (2-3) in district went out and defeated the team that has kept them tame.

“It was exciting. They played hard and my team knows they can play with any team in district,” coach Hendrick said.

The team was coming off a district loss against Reagan so they were ready to show that they are in the playoff picture.

“We came up with a big loss against Reagan, so with the game against Lee coming up we were determined that we needed a big win against Lee to show districts that we are here to play soccer,” senior Nate Finely said.

With the team fighting for a spot in the playoffs, each game the team plays brings a chance to improve their record in district.

“Right now it just means we are 2-3 in districts, but we have a tough schedule with a tough 3 game stretch against MacArthur, Johnson, and Roosevelt,” Coach Hendrick added.”This means to have a chance in playoffs we have to have a .500 record in district].

The team’s next game is against Johnson March 25 at , at BAC-E West at 3 p.m.

“They have a lot of heart,” Coach Hendrick added. “They play hard, and go out and do the things we teach them even though it’s simple soccer.”

Wrestlers Place at State

By Lorenzo Cisneros |

This past weekend was a big one for the state of Texas for wrestling. Wrestlers from all over the state came together for one weekend to compete for the title of “the best in state.”

Stephen Mears (180lbs) and Connor Hunsaker (heavyweight) represented Madison.

“I’m very proud of our team,” coach Paul Miller said. “They went there with their mind set on doing their best. They represented Madison very well.”

The state competition is a two-day competition. Both wrestlers advanced to the second day. Early in the second day Hunsaker lost his final match of the season and placed eighth out of state.

“It wasn’t my best tournament, but I’m still proud. Not everyone can say they wrestled at a state competition,” Hunsaker said. “I’m a little disappointed and I wish I did better but I am not mourning over it. I had an awesome season.”

Mears was able to go throughout the day competing until in one of his matches, which would be his final match, he suffered from a concussion from being thrown on his head by his opponent. That would not stop him from going on though. He finished the day placing fourth in state.

“I was a little dizzy from my concussion at the end but I was so happy,” Mears said. “I reached my goal and that’s all I wanted! I am satisfied with what I have done.”

With both Hunsaker and Mears together, they gave Madison a school ranking of 18th place out of a total of 112.

Time to Cast Our Vote

By Juan Garcia |
This week’s American Idol featured outstanding performances, heartfelt cuts, and intensified the dream for the top 24.

On Wednesday night Idol paid tribute to a legendary band of the 60s and 70s. In this round, participants competed in groups of two or three and sang some of the biggest hits by The Beatles. The duos and trios added their own mix to the hit songs. Some groups fascinated the judges; however, others did not. With the heightened pressure added to each and every contestant, it was hard to predict who will go home and who will make the cut.

New NEISD Calendar Creates Excitement

By Christina Dimyan |

Next school year students can expect to see a big change with the schedule: semester exams before winter break. Although the second semester is staying the same next year, there are some changes coming to first semester.

“I think its far better to end the semester before Christmas break, and it becomes a study period,” Roberto Ozuna, assistant principal said. “The kids will do better and can relax over Christmas break rather than study.”

The entire first semester will be complete before winter break begins. This gives students a solid week to study for exams, rather than come back after break and try to remember what will be tested, which often makes things a bit more stressful for students.

“All students will start both a new year and semester in January,” Kelly Taylor, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction said.

Although teachers have to cram everything into the last week before break, many believe they will see better exam scores. With exams for upperclassmen and TAKS in spring, there are many tests students have to worry about, and moving semester exams before break may relieve some stress.

“[Teachers] love it! We would much rather get them tested before than spend a week reviewing and getting them back to everything,” Diane Bode, government teacher said. “I think the kids do better. They’re tested out in spring; it’s much better since it gives me more time in spring.”

Since exams are two weeks earlier next year, exemption forms will also be due two weeks earlier. The process for exams will start earlier, and although students will have to adjust to this change, better exams score will be the outcome.

“The school board has adjusted the calendar that accommodated all state testing and made a student-friendly calendar,” Taylor said.

Basketball Rises From the Ashes

Photo by Rania Dotson | Story By Samantha Sanburn

The ball leaves the player’s fingertips and soars toward the basket, SWISH! It’s in! In an intense playoff game against Wagner High School, the varsity basketball team dominated their opponents. With a score of 62-52, the Mavericks came out on top.

“Our expectations are to be mentally tough, outwork our opponents, bring a ‘We Are The Champion’ attitude, bring an inspired effort, be the solution and not the problem, and to do it with class,” coach John Valenzuela said.

With the comeback story of the year, the team is now more determined than ever. Nine players have left the team this year for various reasons and now ten players are still standing. The lowest point was when they were 1-3 in districts, but then they came back and won the next four games in a row.

“Since the beginning of the year everyone was writing us off,” senior Andre Scott said. “We were supposed to lose against Wagner too. Today we are hoping to make another upset but for us, it won’t be an upset.”

They play Clark High School today at UTSA Convocation Center at 7 p.m.

Weekend of Art

Story By Juan Garcia | Photo By Stephany Garcia

After all the hard work and time put into creating a piece of art, two of Madison’s students, Courtney Davis and Madison Fischnar advanced to state after competing at the V.A.S.E., Visual Art Scholastic Event, regional competition this past Saturday.

“I was really excited,” senior Courtney Davis said. “It is my first piece going to state.”

Davis submitted an acrylic painting of two average birds and one standout red cardinal on canvas mounted on a board. Fischnar submitted a pendant and an earring made of moon stone.

“I was very very happy [when I heard Courtney won],” art teacher Melissa Wittman said. “It was a beautiful piece of work.”

State competition will take place in Houston on Apr 8-9. However the V.A.S.E. competition was not the only place were an art student won big.

This past Sunday, Clif Tinker’s student Hanna Lee received $7950 in college scholarship money after selling her drawing of a goat at the Western Art Auction. She was one of the 25 students to be named first place.

This weekend turned out to be the best felt weekend for all art teachers and students.

Baseball Hopes For Playoff Run

Photo Courtesy ShutterbugChef | Flickr Creative Commons | Story By Richard Hernandez

Spring is approaching, and with the spring season comes the beginning of the baseball season. The team played their first game on Feb.8 with a scrimmage against Clemens.

“We started off pretty well, we have a pretty good defense with good hitters,” senior Will Guzman said.

Practices are crucial in order to have success in the season, and things are already looking up.

“We’ve had some good practices,” coach Jacob Raley said. ” We will be better in May than we are in February.”

The baseball team has many players returning from last season.

“We were young last year and we got a lot of players back,” junior Justin Jones said. “Now we have more experience.”

Last season the baseball team made it to the playoffs, but the team failed to advance past the first round. The team has the experience from last year, and plans on making a run for the playoffs.

“I think we will make it to the playoffs,” Jones said. “We are one of the better teams in district.”

Fun In Sun At Nationals

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Makala Finley

Third time is often known as the charm, however for the cheerleaders it’s just another year that they placed top ten in the national cheerleading championship. The 37 girls competed Feb. 12 and 13 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The girls spent five days in florida and their time consisted of practicing for the competition, attending district dinner at Animal Kingdom and enjoying their time at Disney World by riding rides. This is the third year in a row that the varsity team has placed in the top ten at nationals.

“We’ve gotten top ten three year in a row, so we’ve definitely met those standards,” sophomore varsity member Madison Stewart said. “I think that it encourages incoming freshmen to want to be part of our top ten streak.”

Though an exciting time for the cheerleaders, for the seniors it was also a time of sadness knowing that it was their last year that they would travel to Nationals.

“It was sad at first since it’s my last year, but it’s good closure. I was just glad we made it and I was proud to have all of my friends down there with me,” senior Ashley Corey said.

In addition, the JV team were semi-finalists.

“I’m happy with where everyone ended up, it was a learning experience. I am very proud of them,” cheerleading coach Brandi Boyd said.

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