Basketball Rises From the Ashes

By Samantha Sanburn

The ball leaves the player’s fingertips and soars toward the basket, SWISH! It’s in! In an intense playoff game against Wagner High School, the varsity basketball team dominated their opponents. With a score of 62-52, the Mavericks came out on top.

“Our expectations are to be mentally tough, outwork our opponents, bring a ‘We Are The Champion’ attitude, bring an inspired effort, be the solution and not the problem, and to do it with class,” coach John Valenzuela said.

With the comeback story of the year, the team is now more determined than ever. Nine players have left the team this year for various reasons and now ten players are still standing. The lowest point was when they were 1-3 in districts, but then they came back and won the next four games in a row.

“Since the beginning of the year everyone was writing us off,” senior Andre Scott said. “We were supposed to lose against Wagner too. Today we are hoping to make another upset, but for us, it won’t be an upset.”

They play Clark High School today at UTSA Convocation Center at 7 p.m.

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