New NEISD Calendar Creates Excitement

NEISD released next year school calendar earlier last week.

By Christina Dimyan

Next school year students can expect to see a big change with the schedule: semester exams before winter break. Although the second semester is staying the same next year, there are some changes coming to first semester.

“I think it’s far better to end the semester before Christmas break, and it becomes a study period,” Roberto Ozuna, assistant principal said. “The kids will do better and can relax over Christmas break rather than study.”

The entire first semester will be complete before winter break begins. This gives students a solid week to study for exams, rather than come back after break and try to remember what will be tested, which often makes things a bit more stressful for students.

“All students will start both a new year and semester in January,” Kelly Taylor, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction said.

Although teachers have to cram everything into the last week before break, many believe they will see better exam scores. With exams for upperclassmen and TAKS in spring, there are just too many tests students have to worry about, and moving semester exams before break relieves some stress.

“[Teachers] love it! We would much rather get them tested before than spend a week reviewing and getting them back to everything,” Diane Bode, government teacher said. “I think the kids do better. They’re tested out in spring; it’s much better since it gives me more time in spring.”

Since exams are two weeks earlier next year, exemption forms will also be due two weeks earlier. The process for exams will start earlier, and although students will have to adjust to this change, the district hopes better exams score will be the outcome.

“The school board has adjusted the calendar that accommodated all state testing and made a student-friendly calendar,” Taylor said.

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