Dancers Give Sneak Peek of Competition

By Juan Garcia |

Last night the dance teams gave their parents a sneak peek of what is to come at this Saturday’s competition, at the annual Dance Parent Show-Off.

“Everybody did great,” dance instructor Maryann Barrow said. “The dancers had the chance to get their nerves out and they will do way better this Saturday.”

The show opened with the First Ladies, who performed their military golf routine. Next up were the Fillies, who were dressed as Barbies performing their pom routine. After the Dollies followed who came out performing their kick routine. The dance teams performed interchangeably until each team performed three routines.

“I was very happy with the girls’ performances,” dance instructor Shelly Flynn said. “This gives us the opportunity to see what works and what needs to be fixed.”

After a ten minute intermission, Fillies and Dollies got the chance to show off their hard work in their duets or solos. Dancers who choose to perform a duet or solo must choreograph their own routines and practice on their free time.

“Everybody did a great job,” Barrow said. “I tell them to do their best and enjoy every minute of it.”

However some dancers not only performed for the crowd and themselves, some performed for someone else in mind. Kelly Bothwell dedicated her performance to her mother as she danced to Carrie Underwood’s Mama’s Song. In addition, Danielle Martinez danced for something very close to her heart.

“I was not dancing for me,” Senior Danielle Martinez said. “I was dancing for a higher being in mind and I left it all on the dance floor.”

Dancers go to competition this Saturday, Feb. 26 at Champion High School in Boerne, TX. The first Madison performance begins at 9:40 a.m. However, dance instructors advise the spectators to arrive 45 minutes earlier, just to be on the safe side. A lot is expected from this year’s dance teams and the dance instructors hope that they do not fall short.

“We better win,” Barrow said. “All the time and money would be a waste if we are not going to win.”

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