Time to Cast Our Vote

By Juan Garcia

This week’s American Idol featured outstanding performances, heartfelt cuts, and¬†intensified the dream for the top 24.

On Wednesday night Idol paid tribute to a legendary band of the 60s and 70s. In this round, participants competed in groups of two or three and sang some of the biggest hits by The Beatles. The duos and trios added their own mix to the hit songs. Some groups fascinated the judges; however, others did not. With the heightened pressure added to each and every contestant, it was hard to predict who will go home and who will make the cut.

After the group performances, each contestant had one last shot to impress the judges. They had to sing for their lives, before they can sing for Americas votes. While some contestants sang songs we are familiar with, others shocked us with newer clothing and songs that blew the audience and judges away.

It was time for the judges to announce the top 24. The process was like every other season before. Contestants walk the green mile one by one and are either told they made the top 24 or their dream was over. This made for some of the most shocking eliminations of the season. Amongst the eliminated was a favorite that all of America was rooting for.

This was the most emotional elimination Jennifer Lopez has had to make. After she told Chris Medina that he did not make it, she burst out in tears and said that she could not do “this” anymore.

She regrouped herself and helped finished make the cuts and bring the good news to those that they felt were ready for the next level of competition.

The top 24 included some of our early favorites such as Robbie Rosen, Lauren Alaina, screamer James Durbin, red-haired Bret Lowenstern, Cuban Julie Zorrilla, country singer Scotty McCreary, and New Yorker Rachel Zevita. However the judges also sent home early favorites like 15 year old Jacee Badeaux, country singer John Wayne, crier Ashley Sullivan, Chris Medina, and Texas’ own Hollie Cavanagh.

The contestants sing live for America’s votes next week. Boys perform on Tuesday March 1, girls perform on Wednesday, March 2, and the contestants advancing on will be announced Thursday, March 3 starting at 7 p.m. on the Fox Television Network.

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