Oscars Prove Nothing Spectacular

Photo credit: Scott Beale/laughing squid

By Brittany Weaver

On Feb. 27, the Academy Awards announced winners for excellence in film in 2010. Oscar hosts Ann Hathaway and James Franco are said to be the two youngest ever. But even in their youth the excitement was dull. With few puns and no concerts the new generation of audiences nodded their way to sleep. Unlike other award shows, the Oscars seem to frown upon any form of entertainment in their show.

Best picture is the highest held prize a movie can receive. Not only does this award give praise to the film but also it rewards the director and the cast.

The British movie “The King’s Speech” won the coveted title. In addition, Colin Firth, lead actor in “The King’s Speech”won an Oscar for his outstanding performance. Director of “The King’s Speech” also won an Oscar. This film presented amazing nominees all around. “The King’s Speech” also won Best Original Screenplay.

In 1995, Toy Story flew to the screen and little children everywhere squealed for Woody and Buzz. Now 15 years and two movies later “Toy Story 3” debuted and even though the initial  audiences grew up, they still seem to love Woody and joined him on his adventure. Toy Story 3 was nominated for Best Animated Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound Editing, Best Picture, and Best Original Song. The long loved series won Best Original Song.

These two great movies won big but that didn’t help the at-home audience keep their eyelids from drooping. Sure, it was great for the famous people who attended but watching through a T.V. made some viewers either get up and leave or fall asleep on the couch. Maybe next year.

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