Words With Friends: Epidemic

By Lorenzo Cisneros

Recently there has been much talk filling the hallways about a new trend on the up-rising but this time, it has nothing to do with clothes, shoes, or styles, but a game: Words With Friends to be exact. The game that is just like scrabble but allows the user to play against their friends from where ever they are as long as they have an internet connection on their phone or ipod.

“Everybody in the world is playing! I am addicted to it,” junior Josh Hanson said.

The game was first released for the Iphone/Ipod on July 6, 2009 and then later released for Android in February. In a recent survey of 100 students, 62 of them say they have allowed the app to occupy a spot on their phone. Although this is just a small portion of the school, it is imaginable how many students and teachers play this app school wide. Although a large majority plays, it is not for everybody.

“It’s a waste of time. I can’t just sit there and play scrabble. I have better things to do,” senior Cierra Harper said.

This is one game that teachers don’t seem to mind as much, possibly because it helps with spelling and language knowledge.

“Oh my gosh! That’s the number one game out there right now. I see students playing it in my class all the time,” Diane Bode said. “At least they’re doing something educational.”

Take our poll. Do you play words with friends? Why is it so addicting? Comment us now.

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