April 2011

Unique Team Headed To Nationals

Photo Courtesy David Masters, Flickr Creative Commons | Story By Makala Finley |

Amongst the success of sports teams, academic teams and spirit teams many forget about other extracurricular teams. On April 16, the Wool Judging Team, coached by Mike Wallace headed to the State Competition knowing that in order to move on they would have to place first or second against the 51 other teams from all across the state of Texas.

Softball Girls Make History

Photo by Bianca Loera | Story by Juan Garcia |

The seven year drought has passed. The softball team ended their season with a 6-6 district record claiming the third position in playoffs.

Choir Excels at UIL Districts

By Christina Dimyan

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, choir students traveled to Johnson High School to show off their skills and have their months of hard work be put to the test. Varsity women, junior varsity women, and mixed varsity all competed in hopes of making it to the top.

Lifting Weights Raises Money for New Equipment, Scholarships

Photo and Story By Samantha Sanburn |

Want to pledge your money to a great school spirit cause? Pledge to donate money for the annual Lift-a-thon. The Lift-a-thon is the only fundraiser the football team sponsors every year and has been an annual event for the last 20 years. The boys raise money for equipment, video equipment and a portion of the money goes to the David Edwards Scholarship Fund.

Snap, Crackle, Pop: Intercom Noises Fixed

Photos by Chloe Medina | Story by Juan Garcia |For the past month pledges have been cut short, announcements have had to be sent through e-mail, and both students and teachers have been distracted by the noises coming from the intercom system.

“You cannot concentrate,” counseling clerk Sandra Avalos said. “It’s too loud and too noisy to focus on the students and parents.”

The mysterious noises are assumed to come from the addition of the three new buildings. The distance the signal is required to travel is too long and consequently, the announcements have been strained to make unusual noises. The front office is focused on fixing the problem.

“We’ve tried everything,” administrative assistant Brynda Pack said. “We have new parts, new software, and even updated the software.”

The intercom system seems to be fixed, but the time loss due to the noises cannot be returned.

“It was a distraction,” senior Joy Arimendez said. “Everybody’s attention was drawn to the noise.”

Teachers agree that the noises were just a distraction students used to avoid classwork.

“I think students enjoy it,” dance coach Mary Ann Barrow said. “They don’t have to listen to their teachers.”

Everybody is hoping that is the last they hear of the intercom noises.

“I’m hoping that its fixed now,” Pack said. “I’m cautiously optimistic.”

However, under any emergency circumstances, teachers are advised to press their call button. And if the noise is unbearable somebody will come in person.

Students’ Art Displayed at Night Gallery

Photo and Story By Brittany Weaver |

Jimmy Littleton Gymnasium was filled with the sweet sound of soft music and hushed voices. At the bottom of the stands art pieces were hung on makeshift walls. On the gym floor more works of art were out to be judged.

Seniors Dominate at Powder Puff

Photo by Rania Dotson | Story by Lorenzo Cisneros | After three weeks of long practices, game day was finally here. On Thursday, April 7, the junior and senior powder puff teams matched up on the football field to prove who was the better team. The juniors girls were unable to complete that task.

Tennis Ends Season On High Note

Photo By Kelsey Wade | Story By Richard Hernandez

The tennis season has lead up to one thing: the final tournament of the season, the district tournament.

Art Students’ Work Selected For Permanent Display

By Makala Finley |

After displaying art at Say Sí for the SHARE (Students Help Art Reach Everyone) program in March, two art students have been selected by judges to have their art permanently displayed at the Pam Stephens center which serves students and children with special needs. Seniors Victoria Reyes and Jennifer Hester have left a stamp on the art program and on San Antonio itself, and their art can now be enjoyed for years to come. The students were both very happy and shocked that they’ve received this honor.

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