Art Students’ Work Selected For Permanent Display

By Makala Finley

After displaying art at Say Sí  for the SHARE (Students Help Art Reach Everyone) program in March, two art students have been selected by judges to have their art permanently displayed at the Pam Stephens Center which serves students and children with special needs. Seniors Victoria Reyes and Jennifer Hester have left a stamp on the art program and on San Antonio itself, and their art can now be enjoyed for years to come. The students were both very happy and shocked that they’ve received this honor.

“I didn’t think it would really be used for anything. I was really happy. I’m glad it [my art] went to a good cause,” Hester said. “I definitely won’t put my art down anymore.”

This opportunity is very special to the students because they know that an opportunity for a high schooler’s art to be permanently and publicly displayed is a rare thing.

“It makes me really excited as an artist because not many high schoolers get the opportunity to be publicly displayed, much less permanently,” Reyes said. “I want to be an art teacher one day, and I hope that my students will be able to see my art on permanent display.”

Reyes’ art teacher is Melissa Wittman, and Hester’s art teacher is Marguerite McCarthy, both of whom are professional artists themselves, making them even more excited for the honor their students have received. They both understand how meaningful it is to display artwork, and then having those who view the work appreciate what the artist has done.

” Knowing that someone else appreciates your art is a good feeling. There are two parts to art-making it and then showing it for people to see,” McCarthy said. ” To know that the viewer saw your art as a positive thing is gratifying. This art is selected to promote an environment where healing is supposed to take occur. This will help contribute to that positive environment.”

Both teachers are so proud of their students and the art department as a whole. They feel these two girls have represented well and have a strong future ahead of them. The art department knows the value of presenting artwork for everyone to see and appreciate artwork and they know that both students were incredibly deserving of this honor.

“Victoria is very deserving and she’s real big on community service so it’s fitting that she’ll have her artwork on display for the community forever,” Wittman said. “I’m proud as punch.”

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