Tennis Ends Season On High Note

By Richard Hernandez

The tennis season has lead up to one thing: the final tournament of the season, the district tournament.

At the end of the first leg of the tournament the team had one varsity player advance to the district finals, senior Danielle Moore.

“‘It’s my senior year,” Moore said. “Of course winning if anything else, I [wanted] to at least do my best.”

Moore made the last game count; she won third place and closed the Mavs’ season with a district victory.

“She played exceptionally well; she was mentally tough the whole match,” varsity tennis coach Jennifer Cordova said. “She fought hard even when she was down, and she finished with nothing left in the tank.”

Doubles teams of Eileen Pastrano and Stella Chay, along with  Nacho Aguilar and Cesar Beltran both won their first match but lost in their second.

“They were a good team it was a close match with a lot of consistency,” junior Nacho Aguilar said of his second round opponent. “It was a battle of champions.”

Players in singles didn’t  have much luck either. Freshman Haley Ky won her first match, but lost in her second.

“I would say that I did really well this season and I hope to do better next year,” Ky said.

The tennis season is over, and some players are reflecting on their season.

“Well being a guy who comes here for a year,  I’m glad to have [had] the opportunity to play with my teammates,” Aguilar said. “I will remember them all [of] my life.”

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