Seniors Dominate at Powder Puff

After three weeks of long practices, game day was finally here. On Thursday, April 7, the junior and senior powder puff teams matched up on the football field to prove who was the better team. The juniors girls were unable to complete that task.

“The seniors were good competition to play against,” junior Krystal Trevino said. “We can’t get mad about our loss. It is what it is.”

The final score was 24-0 in the seniors’ favor. Winning the game for the second year was an accomplishment for the seniors ,but winning the game after all the trash talk from the juniors, only made the made win sweeter.

“As a team we feel accomplished. They talked so much trash and ended up losing really bad,” senior Desiree Salaiz said. “They looked really dumb out there not being able to back up all their talk.”

From the beginning of game, the seniors came out prepared to dominate. Throughout the game they knew what to do and where to be. Whereas the juniors did not line up in the right formation. The coaches constantly came on to the field, attempting to correct their players.

“We had a feeling things weren’t going to go that good for us,” Trevino said. “Our coaches did the best they possibly could have done. If we would have had more communication throughout our team and we actually came together as a team, the results could of been better.”

Both teams played their hearts out. The class of 2011 has regained their bragging rights for this year. All the juniors can do now is take it in and get themselves ready for next year.

“We are unstoppable. The seniors last year didn’t beat us and now the juniors this year couldn’t. We’re beast,” senior Sadie Sanchez said. “Advice to the coaches for next year, bite your tongue and don’t say anything you can’t back up.”

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