Students’ Art Displayed at Night Gallery

Tinker standing next to a piece of art that ribboned. Many works of art were judged and ribboned those two nights.

By Brittany Weaver

Jimmy Littleton Gymnasium was filled with the sweet sound of soft music and hushed voices. At the bottom of the stands art pieces were hung on makeshift walls. On the gym floor more works of art were out to be judged.

On Tuesday April 12 and Wednesday April 13 from 6-8 p.m. Night Gallery took place. Every year pieces from art classes and V.A.S.E. (Visual Art Scholastic Event) are displayed for the pubic and viewed by many different people.

“Each teacher picks students in quality of work and interest in participation,”  art teacher Clif Tinker said. 

This year the “Red Dot People’s Choice” was very active. Throughout the evenings onlookers could purchase a red sicker for 25 cents and stick it on their favorite piece of art. The funds collected will go to a scholarship program.  

Tinker standing next to Thacker's Abstract Blow. Many works of art were judged and ribboned those two nights.

Being in this show is a big honor even for sophomore Jessica Thacker.

“Your art gets to be with other artists and to me it’s a big honor,” said Thacker.

By presenting her art in the Night Gallery she received a ribbon, one of the higher honors. 

“Well I always wanted to win a ribbon. To me that’s showing that someone else notices your talent,” said Thacker.

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