Lifting Weights Raises Money for New Equipment, Scholarships

They weight room is where the football players train for the Lift-a-thon.

By Samantha Sanburn

Want to pledge your money to a great school spirit cause? Pledge to donate money for the annual Lift-a-thon. The Lift-a-thon is the only fundraiser the football team sponsors every year and has been an annual event for the last 20 years. The boys raise money for equipment, video equipment and a portion of the money goes to the David Edwards Scholarship Fund.

“I’m doing this for the scholarship fund. It’s also going to be a lot of fun,” junior John Dokes said.

There are roughly 190 freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the football program that can compete in the Lift-a-thon. The boys will receive prizes based on how much money they raise and how much money they can pledge.

“This is a culmination of our strength program. It’s competition and a lot of fun,” head coach Jim Streety said.

The program is in the new gym tonight at 5:30 with freshmen and 6:30 with varsity.

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