Choir Excels at UIL Districts

By Christina Dimyan

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, choir students traveled to Johnson High School to show off their skills and have their months of hard work be put to the test. Varsity women, junior varsity women, and mixed varsity all competed in hopes of making it to the top.

“It was an excellent experience,” junior Sam Lowery said.

Varsity women consisted of sophomores to seniors. They received all superior ratings and won a sweepstakes award, which is is receiving a one in all categories. Junior Varsity and Mixed Varsity both received excellent ratings.

All three choirs sang a total of three songs. The songs for varsity women were “Tota Pulchraes,” “Butterfly,” and “Mattinata.” Non varsity sang “A la nanita,” “S’ivivon,” and “The Wind” which included Nate Bernik playing the oboe. Varsity mixed sang “En une seule fleur,” “The Rune of Hospitality” and “Esto les digo” with a solo from Kelsey Hare.

“I’m very proud of all their hard work and dedication to singing,” choir director Edie Cooksey said. “We received many compliments on our performances from other schools, choir directors, and judges.”

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