May 2011

‘Strongest Maverick’ is Crowned

By Lorenzo Cisneros

After five weeks of getting physically and mentally prepared, the night of May 5 had finally come for the 14 Mr. Madison contestants to prove to the crowd and judges that they were the World’s Strongest Maverick.

Auto Technology Prepares For Nationals

Photo Courtesy: Flicker/SoulRider.222 and Story By: Kristian Bush |

By Kristian Bush

In to the finals by default, and one mistake away from a perfect car. One side mirror bug is what kept two NEISD students from having a bug-less car, though they’re still headed to nationals in June.

Pop Show Numb3r 1

Photos and Story by Juan Garcia |

After all the sweat, the yelling, the rehearsals, the singing, the dancing, and the show, choir students captivated the audience and left them hooked. Pop Show, in other words, was bigger than ever and the choir changed it up with a unique numbered theme.

End of Road for Lady Mavs

Photo By Bianca Loera| Story By Juan Garcia

The Cinderella story has come to an end. The softball team feels bittersweet about their historic run in the playoffs.

Senior Students Crowned As Superlatives

By Makala Finley| Photos By Bianca Loera

After three years of enduring the forever long TAKS week, seniors finally got the chance to kick back and relax. During TAKS week there were multiple activities planned for the seniors. On Wednesday April 27 seniors united as one in the auditorium for a memorable day of speeches, movies, a talent show and the infamous superlative announcement.

ROTC Travels To Daytona For Nationals

By Christina Dimyan

On Friday, April 29, ROTC left for Daytona Beach, Fla. to compete in Nationals. Their trip wasn’t all fun and games though; waking up at four in the morning to compete and practice proved to be a little less than a vacation.

Pinckney named Alternate to State

Photo By Rania Dotson | Story By Richard Hernandez |

Eleven girls, nine events, and one regional tournament. All of the hard work that the girl’s track team has put into the season has lead them to this point: the regional meet.

Softball Advances in Playoffs

Photos By Bianca Loera | Story By Juan Garica

The anxiety was building. Being up only one point, the softball girls were extremely nervous. After the final pitch was thrown, the girls screamed in excitement for yet another win. However, this win made history and sent them to the second round of playoffs.

Five Stars for Fast Five

By Juan Garcia| Photo Courtesy Universal Studios Gallery

Ten years ago, The Fast and the Furious exploded on the big screen making street racing a goldmine in blockbuster films. No movie, in the past decade, has even come close to matching the nitro-fueled car film. That is until Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teamed up to bring us Fast Five.

Solar Car Said To Run In Months

Photo By Darby Fulcher | Story By Brittany Weaver |

Green energy has been pushed into our culture ever since global warming emerged as a serious problem. The use of renewable resources, like solar energy, has become a part of everyday life, but could the power of the sun be strong enough to power a car? Dr. Joe Dungan and his students are meeting every Wednesday, looking to be the first high school in Texas to complete the feat.

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