Softball Advances in Playoffs

By Juan Garica

The anxiety was building. Being up only one point, the softball girls were extremely nervous. After the final pitch was thrown, the girls screamed in excitement for yet another win. However, this win made history and sent them to the second round of playoffs.

“It was really amazing,” pitcher Ashleigh Pachecano said. “We get to make history and go to the second round of playoffs.”

Junior Ashleigh Pachecano sets to pitch a lightning fast softball. She is said to be the only pitcher for this season.

The girls slid away with a 4-3 victory over the Judson rockets. However softball coach Laurie Friesenhahn said the girls have always had it in them.

” The girls are really confident,” Friesenhahn said. “I knew they were in the right mind set to take care of business.”

The softball team is being considered underdogs due to their lack of playoff experience, but the team is not stressing the situation more than it needs to.

“Being seen as underdogs all season and overcoming obstacles blocking our path to go farther gives us the ability to show our true colors,” first base player Elizabeth Rosas said.

The team is very confident for their upcoming three-game series against South West beginning Thursday at 7 p.m. at the S.A.I.S.D. Spring Sports Complex. Best of three advances, but the girls are anything but scared.

“We can compete with anyone as long as we stay together,” Friesenhahn said. “They are not fearful and they never get scared.”

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