Senior Students Crowned As Superlatives

By Makala Finley| Photos By Bianca Loera

After three years of enduring the forever long TAKS week, seniors finally got the chance to kick back and relax. During TAKS week there were multiple activities planned for the seniors. On Wednesday April 27 seniors united as one in the auditorium for a memorable day of speeches, movies, a talent show and the infamous superlative announcement.

Below is a montage of the select seniors that were chosen by classmates to be number one out of hundreds in different categories such as: friendliest, most likely to succeed and cutest couple.

Brittany Ingram and Timothy Barnes: 2010-2011 Best Looking

Danielle Martinez and Connor Hunsaker: 2010-2011 Friendliest


Stefanie Napoles and Christian Sampson: 2010-2011 Funniest

Lauren Olson and Nathaniel Finley: 2010-2011 Most Spirited

Kelly Bothwell and Garrett Wright: 2010-2011 Cutest Couple

Shivani Gaitonde and William Guzman: 2010-2011 Most Likely To Succeed

Catherine Garza and Kyu Lee: 2010-2011 Best Dressed

Alexis Garcia and Aaron Green: 2010-2011 Most Athletic

Stephanie Cavazos and Zach Woodall: 2010-2011 Most Talented

Shivani Gaitonde and Stefan Greenfield-Casas: 2010-2011 Most Intellectual

Lauren Olson and Christopher Gonzaba: 2010-2011 Mr. Madison and Miss Madison

“It was super exciting to have won two superlatives,” Miss Madison, Lauren Olson said. ” It was exciting and meaningful to know that your peers would vote me for Miss Madison.”

Senior Farewell provided closure to this year, it reminded seniors about what being a Maverick meant. It left the auditorium with the vibe that seniors are about to make their next step into the world and make their mark.

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