Pop Show Numb3r 1

After all the sweat, the yelling, the rehearsals, the singing, the dancing, and the show, choir students captivated the audience and left them hooked. Pop Show, in other words, was bigger than ever and the choir changed it up with a unique numbered theme.

“This years Pop Show had a variety type of music,” senior Faith Martin said. “Usually it centered around one music theme, like country, but being numbers we had all types of music.”

Shea Rangel, Alexandra Smith, Laura Mullen, Heather Gray, Molly Burt, Aliza Fuentes Faith Martin, and Katie Kline perform 1000 Miles. They delivered it with no errors and the audience loved it.


Having a different theme this year really opened Pop Show to all genres of music. The only rule for Pop Show was that every song being performed must have a number in the song title. The task may sound hard, but it was fairly easy for the students who choose the songs.

“There had to be a number in every song,” senior Shea Rangel said. “We just went on Wikipedia and looked up songs and choose the songs we wanted.”

Performing in front of the biggest crowd on the biggest stage of the year can be nerve wracking, but the choir students love what they do and did not foresee it as a problem.

“Honestly it’s a little intimidating,” Martin said. “The stage is twice as big, but I just get really excited and pumped up to show everyone what we all have been working so hard on.”

The choir utilized all parts of the new stage and mastered all technology uses to put on a show with minimal technological distractions.

“It is a lot of fun to show off the new facility,” choir teacher Edie Cooksey. “We did not have any issues that took away from the show and we had the opportunity to show off and thank the community for their support in building the new facility.”

The audience loved the show and agree that choir needs some added props for such an amazing show.

“Choir knows how to put on a show,” audience member Jobi Hapozos said. “They know how to evoke that emotion and make it feel like they’re singing right to you. It was a fun night.”

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