Final Harry Potter Casts a Spell on Fans

Fans wait in line at the Embassy Theatre to see Harry Potter.

By Richard Hernandez

Seven previous movies spanning a decade, billions of dollars made, millions of diehard fans, and an epic journey have all lead Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), and fans to the conclusion of one of the biggest franchises ever. Harry Potter fans, or “Potterheads” as they are often referred to, lined up in flocks to witness the end of the journey they grew up with. Fans weren’t left disappointed.

In the 10 years that audience members have watched the Harry Potter series, there has always been a sense of reality in the movies. The characters in the Potter universe are all so different, but yet audience members find themselves relating to a certain character in these movies. Throughout the movies, this relational believability was something that the filmmakers never seemed to forget. The attachment added emotional depth to these characters that audience members have grown to love. This makes the final goodbye to the legendary franchise a tough one. There were times were there wasn’t a sound to be heard but the gasping of devastated fans watching one of their beloved characters meet their fate, and with this being the final Potter movie, there were many of those instances.

While the movie isn’t a complete story on its own, it picks up immediately where “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1” left off. There isn’t quite a beginning or middle in this movie, but yet a complete ending. The splitting of the final movie into two parts allowed the film makers to fit every detail possible into the finale. The great acting and amazing visuals made every scene look completely realistic, even if it was all computer generated. There are many heart-wrenching scenes throughout the movie. The mystery of Professor Serverus Snape’s (Alan Rickman) loyalty is finally revealed, thanks to the memories that he gives Harry. This scene is definitely one of the most memorable and heart-breaking scenes from the movie, and it even leads to an ultimate realization for Harry that becomes a pivotal point in the story.

Then the time came for the final battle. Not a single noise was made as the audience was drawn into the battle 10 years in the making. As the final battle comes to an end and the victor is finally crowned we see the complete devastation that had been left behind at the place where it all began, Hogwarts. Throughout the series, fans have watched as Harry, Ron, and Hermione grew up before our eyes and learned many lessons along the way. There are many morals to be found in the Potter movies, but none bigger than the importance of friendship and the fact that there’s darkness inside everyone that can be overcome. As the final scene rolled we see that the core characters are now married and parents. The final scene is perhaps the most emotional scene, but ends the movie on a happy note and just makes you want to watch all the movies all over again.

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  1. great story ! this makes me wanna see harry potter all over again (:

  2. Not a fan of Harry Potter, but this piece has motivated me to make an appearance at a near by cinema theatre. Great piece Richard.

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