Pep Rally Excites Students

By Richard Hernandez

As students arrived to school today they might have noticed the band playing or the cheerleaders chanting, or maybe they noticed the crowd of students surrounding the outside amphitheater. By the time the football players made their way to the stage, students realized they were in a pep rally.

“[Pep Rallies] bring everyone together. First off you learn some Madison traditions, such as the fight song and the JM sign,” assistant principal Roberto Ozuna said. “And with such a great new outdoor  amphitheater everyone is  comfortable, able to see, and the performers are able to perform with more ease.”

The pep rally was pumping students up for tonight’s football game against defending state champs, the Steele Knights.

“Its always a great to start a new season and a new school year,” Coach Jim Streety said. “We have a great group of young men that gave been working hard since January and hopefully all of it shows tonight.”

The Mavs face off against the Steele Knights tonight at 7 at Lehnhoff stadium.

“What we  can expect to see is a team that will never give, and a team that will represent us in a great manner,” Streety added.

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