Varsity Football Loses First Game

By Alexandra Gutierrez  | Photos by JayJay Gonzalez

Football players have been out in the hot sun, trying out and working toward a season that they could all be proud of, along side a familiar face, head coach Jim Streety.

On Aug. 26, Varsity kicked off their season against the Steele Knights on unfamiliar turf. The team did not go home with a victory and fell just one touchdown short ending the game 28-35.

“We expect to win all the time and we’re disappointed when we don’t,” Streety said.

The team had a strong first half, leading by 8 points at half time. After their return to the field however, the Knights came back even stronger. After almost a whole third quarter with no points scored for either teams, Steele stole another touchdown, tying the Mavs 28- 28.

“We did better than a lot of people expected,” junior Ryan Vistuba said. “Then things just changed and started going the other way.”

With one quarter left to go, Varsity took the field with their eyes on the prize. About half way through the quarter, Steele was able to grab another eight points, putting them in the lead. Although the game did not end as planned, the boys know what they need to work on for the season that lies ahead.

“We need to get some more stops and score when we get in the red zone,” junior Marquis Warford said.

Although the team was not fortunate enough to board the bus with a win under their helmets, they’re keeping the big picture on their minds. They will be competing for another win against on Sept. 2 at Kerrville Tivy at 7:30.

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