September 2011

Review: Werewolf With Less Bite Abducted

By Alexandra Gutierrez

“Abduction,” released to theaters on Sept. 23, is a story based on a boy who was sent away by his father to be protected by the CIA. But after years of being raised by people he thought were his parents, he finds his picture on a missing children’s website.

Junior’s Art Earns Early Scholarships

By Alexandra Gutierrez Junior Hanna Lee never expected to win scholarships so early, but now that she does she’s happy she took the chance. During her freshman year, Lee was able to place second and…

FCA Brings Students Together, Changes Lives

By Samantha Sanburn

Faith and sports collide with the new Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) chapter at Madison. This organization brings together students of all different sports and all different social groups and unites them in their faith.

Volleyball Sets Up For Season

By Aryn Koeppen | Photos by Ashley Armentrout |

After winning all their pre-district games, the varsity volleyball team lost their spirited match against Johnson Sept. 13, and are set to take on Roosevelt this evening for their second district match.

New STAAR Test To Gradually Replace TAKS

By Richard Hernandez

Incoming freshmen can breathe a sigh a relief. The dreaded TAKS test is gone, but in its place is the new State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR, test.

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