Review: Talent Steals The Show

By Alexandra Gutierrez

Everyone has a talent that they’re proud of and like to show off. Choir held their annual talent show on Sept. 22 to let a few selected people show off those talents in front of an audience. The talent at this year’s show included some song and dance while the music ranged from country to alternative. There was a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy, and this year, there was some talent that really stood out.

The show opened with a solo act, followed by All the Kings Men, a band made up of juniors Skyler Breazeale, Jose Carreon, Leia Bates, and Christian Close, performing “Wonder Wall” by Oasis. It was the band’s first appearance and the talent shined through. After a few more acts, Jacqueleen Mejia and Dennise Ortega took the stage and danced to “Turning Tables” by Adele. They didn’t dance to the whole song but they were able to show off their skills in the portion of the song that they had choreographed. Later, right before intermission, the band Abstract took the stage. The band consisted of a drummer, two guitarists, and a bassist. Although the style of music wasn’t for everyone, they did have some instrumental talent.

After intermission, more acts took the stage. Junior Caitlon Scharf stepped on stage with her guitar and sang “Bring on the Dancing Horses.” This was not her first performance though. She did a solo act in the 2011 Pop Show and accompanied junior Ashley Hymer on guitar earlier in the talent show. Scharf was followed by a Tahitian dancer, sophomore Victoria Ramon. Ramon took center stage and showed the audience how to move. She was one of the more impressive acts.

Finally, at the end of the show, the final band, Jimz Jams, took the stage. They started to play a song and when they were just getting started, the curtains began to close on them. After getting caught in the curtain, they were able to continue, but when the curtain closed on them a second time, they continued playing as if everyone could still see them. When the music finally stopped, they went home with an encore and the crowd left.

This year’s talent show débuted some entertaining and unique talent, and the choir directors hope that it will happen again next year.

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