Wrestling Hits Mats In Preparation For Upcoming Season


By Kristian Bush

Wrestling season is only a couple of weeks away, which means wrestlers are working to stay in weight class and keep in shape. The team prepares by splitting workout categories into different days. They do conditioning and mats two times a week and they go to the weight room once a week.

“For the most part we have a brand new team and I am excited to see how we perform this year,” Paul Miller, head coach, said.

They start practice on Nov. 7 before and after school and are still looking for people to join the team. The first competition will be a takedown tournament at Lee High School on Nov. 19. A takedown is when they get their opponent to the mat with their shoulders down. All schools in the district will compete at the Lee tournament. The coaching staff is working together with the team to prepare them for competition.

“We support each other and cheer each other on and we make each others weaknesses stronger,” junior Justin Rodriguez said.

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