Veterans Honored in Annual Ceremony

By Samantha Sanburn | Photo by Mason Nombrano

The cold November morning did not stop a commemorative ceremony to honor the veterans last Friday. The pre-ceremonial events showcased unarmed tandem team of cadets Melissa Kidder and Ashley Arnold and armed team of cadets Justin Hale and Nicholas Mrzlak. Next was the welcoming of the honored guests. First Lieutenant Ruby Zenteno was the speaker and conducting mistress of the ceremony. Two poems were read, “My Name is Old Glory” and “Half Man, Half Boy – The American Soldier.” The flag was then cast up the flag pole and Madison Avenue sang the National Anthem.

“Our military has provided us with the safety and security we demand,” former city councilman John Clamp said.

After Zenteno read a brief history of the holiday, the colors were then rendered and flown at half staff. As the cadets approached the flag pole, drumroll sounded across the area as Samuel Vicente played and Christopher Fossick played “Taps” as the flag was lowered to half staff. In the early morning sunlight, those who have served, those who do serve and those who have lost their lives serving were honored. Respectful silence filled the morning air, bringing a somber end to the event.

“It really hits home,” principal Chris Thompson said.

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  1. I really appreciate, everything that the Maverick ROTC has done for our Veterans in our community. This symbol of appreciation is very grateful and will not be forgotten.

  2. Thank you! We got it corrected!

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