Breaking Dawn Quenches Thirst of Viewers

By Kristian Bush

Note: this is a plot-heavy review and may contain spoilers.

Thousands of people met at theaters all around America to view one of the most popular movies of the year,”Breaking Dawn Part:1.” Fans came hours before the first showing at midnight and waited in line to get the best seat in the house.

The movie was a huge hit, and had a whole different feel compared to the three previous movies. It dealt with different situations as the series grew from a high school view point to more a adult point of view. Bella and Edward get married and she finds out that she is pregnant. Her pregnancy was not a typical although. She finished the whole pregnancy in a very short time span and on top of that the baby is killing her. That was the least of their problems though. The Cullens had Jacob’s pack wanting to kill Bella and particularly the baby that was taking her health. Soon after her emergency C-section,  Bella’s heart beat drops and she is in a comatose state. This is when Edward has to make a decision as to whether to make her a vampire to save her.

The movie will surely keep you on the edge of the seat keeping you tuned in and wondering what will happen next. It is definitely a must-see for this Thanksgiving break.

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