Basketball has Disappointing Pre-Season

By Alexandra Gutierrez

Football has ended. The air is crisp. It’s no longer time to gather in the stands at a stadium, but instead in a gym to watch basketball players make their shots and win their games.

On Nov. 14, varsity boys kicked off the start of a new basketball season against Taft, and have since played in seven games and two tournaments.

“We’ve been doing well but we could do better,” junior Marcus Brock said. “People have been doubting us and we need to end up shocking the world and winning.”

The boys started working hard before the season began and have grown together as a team. New coach, Chris Romine, stresses to the boys the importance of executing plays, playing their advantages, and teamwork.

“Coach Romine has done a good job of making sure we’re a family,” junior Brandyn Hawk said. “We’re all like brothers on the court and and we all have each others’ backs.”

This year’s pre-season has included five wins and eleven losses, including tournament games. But the pre-season turnout hasn’t gotten to anyone’s head. The team and coaches are still focused on what it will take to do well in district.

“We need to execute better on the offensive side, take care of the ball, and make sure we don’t get so many turnovers,” Romine said.

The boys will have their next game on Dec. 17 at Victoria West at 1:30 p.m.

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