Dead Day’s Bitter Reminder

By Alexandra Gutierrez | Photo by Caitlin Cobb

Every year approximately 10,000 people die due to drunk driving. And every year, many more lose a loved one.

Dead Day was Jan. 19. Student Council walks the halls in silence as they mourn the lost lives of drunk driving victims. The rest of the student body is reminded of this occurrence every class period.

“It’s a day to bring awareness and open people’s eyes to the dangers of drunk driving,” Student Council President Alexis Reynolds said. “It’s a day to remember those that have passed away because of them.”

Every year, Student Council decorates the halls with tombstones that have their names and the story of their “death.” They wear white in honor of the lost lives or black to represent those in mourning and none of them speak. They do this to encourage people to think about the innocent victims losing their lives and loved ones due to drunk driving.

“When they [students] go to parties, they should be careful and not drink and drive,” Student Council Vice President Ashley Choi said. “They need to get home safe, that’s all that really matters.”

During the morning announcements, statistics and a poem are read aloud to the school and several more announcements are made during the day telling the students how many more lives have been lost. This day weighs heavily in some hearts across campus, as this situation isn’t a rare one.

“I think it’s a small piece of the puzzle,” Student Council advisor Julie Masters said. “It’s a big process, teenagers tend to think they’re invincible.”

Student council hopes that this day reminds people to think before they get behind the wheel next time.

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